Lagoon Camp The best kitesurfing spot in the entire Dakhla lagoon

The Dakhla Spirit Camp is located at the best kitesurfing spot in the whole Dakhla lagoon, directly overlooking the water. There are comfortable wooden bungalows and tents, and a great terrace where you can eat, drink and relax, which is fully sheltered from the wind. Sit here and watch the dolphins swimming amongst the kiters and windsurfers… Trust us it’s a sight you will not forget!

All of our accommodation prices are FULL BOARD, so they include all of your meals, together with mineral water. Any extra drinks or snacks that you consume at the bar, will be put on a tab that is payable at the end of your stay.

We are a small and friendly kite surf camp, where everyone gets to know each other, everyone will feel welcome…. the emphasis is on good times and good vibes.

You have a choice between a few accommodation options. We have comfortable tents which are sheltered from the wind. Each tent has two beds, light, and electricity for charging what you need. They are the most basic option, but they are suitable for anyone who is on a budget! The kitesurf tents have a shared bathroom and shower area, similar to what you will find at a campsite.

There are charming Superior Bungalows (suitable for one or two people) with private bathroom, and an unforgettable view over the lagoon.

We also have the option of smaller (Type B) standard bungalows, with a more economic price, that also have a private bathroom each.

We offer free wifi in our beach bar for all clients. For anyone who requires more connection, we have the option of 3G SIM cards available from our reception.

Our electricity runs on a generator, which is switched off at certain times of the day and night, in order to save electricity. We have the option of charging any items in the restaurant area, that has solar electricity all day long.

Equipment storage area and rescue boat cover are available at the cost of 40 euros per week, and 25 euros per week for a closed private equipment storage box.

The Dakhla Lagoon is an incredible spot to come and visit! You will find optimal kitesurfing conditions, that are perfect for both experienced kiters and beginners! Don’t forget that we also have a fully equipped Kiteschool where you can book your kite lessons or rent your kitesurfing equipment. We look forward to welcoming you here in Dakhla soon!

Lagoon Camp Prices (Low/High season)

Single Double Triple
(with shared bathroom)
€50 €90
Bungalow Standard
(with private bathroom)
€70 €114
Superior Bungalow
(with private bathroom)
€75 €120 €165
Bungalow Lagoon View
(with private superior bathroom)
€80 €130 €180
All prices are per room per night.
Prices valid until October 2020
Cancellation policy
No show 100%
1 day before arrival 90%
2 - 6 days before arrival 75%
7 - 20 days before arrival 50%
21 - 30 days before arrival 25%
More than 30 days before arrival 0%
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